Fully Loaded: In Your House was the first Fully Loaded professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which took place on July 26, 1998 at the Selland Arena in Fresno, California. It was the twenty-third pay-per-view event of the In Your House series.


  • Featured Jerry Lawler interviewing Sable asking her what she would be wearing in the bikini contest. Sable offered a preview by undressing behind a silhouette and throwing her shirt at Lawler. Lawler looked Sable topless and freaked out.


  • Featured a exclusive footage on the VHS release showing a post-contest confrontation between Sable and Jacqueline in Sable's dressing room. The two ladies screamed at each other until officials pulled Jacqueline out of the room.



  • Singles Match: D'Lo Brown (with The Godfather) defeated X-Pac (with Chyna) (8:26)

The second match was a standard wrestling match between D'Lo Brown and X-Pac, representing Nation of Domination and D-Generation X respectively. Brown dominated most of the match and nearly finished it by performing his finisher, a Frog Splash, which he called Lo Down, on X-Pac, but X-Pac kicked out at 2 count. Brown then attempted to perform a Moonsault but X-Pac avoided the move. X-Pac then controlled the match by attacking Brown in the corner until Brown whipped X-Pac into the ropes. Brown's manager The Godfather attacked X-Pac, allowing Brown to perform Rydeen Bomb, which he called Sky High, on X-Pac for the victory.


  • Two out of Three Falls Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Rock (c) fought Triple H (with Chyna) to a time-limit draw (30:00)

The seventh match of the event was a Two out of three falls match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. The Rock defended the title against Triple H. As the match started, Rock's Nation of Domination teammates Mark Henry, The Godfather and D'Lo Brown interfered in the match to help Rock. This caused Triple H's DX teammates New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) to interfere in the match and stop Nation from interfering. Rock distracted the referee, allowing Brown to distract Triple H, but Triple H beat him with the Intercontinental Championship belt. This allowed Rock to perform a Lifting Side Slam, which he called Rock Bottom, on Triple H to win the first fall. Brown climbed on the apron but Chyna attacked him. X-Pac tried to interfere while Chyna distracted the referee, allowing Triple H to get a chair but Rock got it and attempted to perform a Chair Shot on Triple H, but Triple H avoided it and the referee was hit with it. Chyna performed a DDT on Rock onto the chair, allowing Triple H to pin him for the second fall. As the final fall began, Triple H performed a Double Underhook Facebuster, which he calls Pedigree, on Rock, but the time limit of the match expired. The match resulted in a no contest. As a result, Rock retained the title.


The final match on the undercard was a Bikini contest between Jacqueline and Sable. Jerry Lawler served as the Emcee of the contest. Sable originally won the contest, but was disqualified for not wearing a bikini top as it was revealed that she had hand prints painted on her each breast. As a result, Jacqueline was awarded the victory.